MAT622 Comparative Ed Systems

Course Description

Examination of national and regional educational systems, approaches and theories, identify global trends, and theorize on a prospective system of education for the 21st century US school. They will develop a comparative perspective of international educational ideas, traditions and systems and their relationships with U.S. education. Course investigates structure and organization of national educational systems, societal attitudes towards education, teacher preparation, instructional methodologies, student behaviors, collaboration with family and community.

Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate major characteristics of selected national and regional educational systems, such as educational policy, laws, administration and management, mission, structure, school organization, curriculum and instructional approaches.
  • Develop strategies to compare major educational ideas and approaches characteristic of international systems of education.
  • Synthesize findings on the most effective educational approaches that may be applicable in the US system.
  • Demonstrate application of the comparative study of international educational systems and global trends to a particular situation in a US school, district or community through graduate level writing, discussions and the use of Information Technology.