LTL600 Found of Lang Teach & Learn

Lead Faculty: Dr. Marilyn E. Moore

Course Description

Synthesize and apply the foundations of education: history, philosophy, legal aspects, ethics, and sociology of language teaching and learning with an emphasis placed on the major cultures represented in the state of California. Utilize the knowledge, paradigms and perspectives to deal effectively with the challenges and opportunities of diversity in language teaching and learning.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate the knowledge of the politics, issues, history, ethics and sociology of education as it applies to language and learning.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the philosophy of education and its significance to teachers as it applies to language and learning and prepare a Philosophy of Education Essay for Classrooms with Additional Language Learners.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of views on Language Learning and Teaching.
  • Research the curriculum and pedagogy reforms in classrooms for diversity and prepare an essay on Language Curriculum and Pedagogy Reforms in Diverse Classrooms.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of and reflect upon examples of educational equality and inequality.
  • Determine the ethnic makeup of a class and the instructional methodologies used by a teacher by observing a classroom and prepare a Field Experience Report.
  • Utilize library resources, including electronic databases, to prepare a research paper of a historical overview of the education of additional language learners that includes major research, relevant research trends, appropriate analysis and skills, and model programs for additional language learners.
  • Utilize correct form and style according to the current edition of the American psychological association manual with all written papers.