ITL600 Becoming a Teacher

Course Description

Graduate level credential program requirements; K-12 school and classroom experiences; and observational skills in K-12 classrooms. Principles sustaining an inspired teacher mindset. Electronic showcase reflecting professional growth throughout the program.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze academic and collaborative principles and skills needed to achieve academic success, continuous professional development, and lifelong learning as an inspired teacher.
  • Evaluate critical thinking to the processes for identifying, securing, using, and tracking meaningful field experience placements, as well as to the observational skills needed to understand the myriad factors playing out in a K-12 classroom.
  • Evaluate the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to successfully pass CBEST, CSET, RICA (not for Single Subject), and Cal TPA Cycle I and Cycle II.
  • Create an electronic showcase highlighting a professional development growth plan focused on a deepening understanding of the Inspire(d) framework, TPE Elements, and related research ans theories, which will lead to an on-going teacher induction plan.