ITL528 SS Integrated Design II

Course Description

Integrative instructional design models, approaches, and research in designated content areas. Analysis and reflection focused on teaching practices and beliefs. Learning Map design and implementation principles.

Learning Outcomes

  • Utilize the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Learning Map Model in designing one-week of instruction for a appropriate content area in grades 7-12.
  • Implement an effective one-day/cycle of the Learning Map Model in a designed content area and grade of 7-12
  • Analyze the effectiveness of implementing an integrated design on the Learning Map using multiple forms of assessment, including socially constructed feedback.
  • Reflect on the analysis of the implemented Learning Map in an appropriate content area classroom by examining the implications for making instructional design adjustments needed for increasing creativity and ensuring for all learners social-emotional thriving and meaningful academic achievement in an equitable and inclusive learning environment.