ITL526 SS Integrated Design I

Course Description

Instructional design principles for teaching in grades 7-12. Strategies for designing short and long-term curriculum/instruction/assessment aligned with content standards. Evidence-based research appropriate for the application the CA Common Core and academic standards across the various single subject content areas.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze relevant California academic standards for a selected content area for the purpose of designing instruction for all learners, including a variety of English Language learners, students with exceptionalities, and other learning needs.
  • Design the instructional approaches for a given content area created to meet established targets and effectively teach for all learners, including English speakers, English learners, Standard English learners, students with exceptionalities, and students with other learning needs.
  • Analyze the effectiveness of the integrated design process through socially-constructed feedback mechanisms.
  • Reflect on instructional practices and beliefs needed for designing an integrative approach to teaching a designated content area in grades 7-12 and ensuring for all learners socially-emotionally thriving and meaningful academic achievement within an equitable, inclusive learning environment.