ITL514 Language-Literacy: Assessment

Course Description

Teacher candidates synthesize knowledge of socio-cultural, linguistic, and individual factors affecting K12 students' language and literacy levels. Candidates administer and interpret informal and formal assessments; and use data to design, modify, and deliver a comprehensive, integrated language and literacy program of instruction.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze the applications needed to create a safe and supportive print-rich learning environment where all learners can purposefully use language and literacy to interact in meaningful ways.
  • Design literacy strategies, lessons and grouping plans based on information from case studies representing learners (English Speakers, English Learners, Standard English Learners, students with exceptionalities, and students with other learning needs) with a range of language and literacy needs.
  • Assess a targeted K-8 learner who demonstrates language and/or reading/writing challenges) by utilizing various types and levels of assessments appropriate to the learner's development, capabilities and needs which are situated within the socio-cultural and linguistic context of the learner.
  • Design comprehensive, in-depth language and/or literacy lessons based on the Learning Map Design, principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), multiple tiered system of support (MTSS), and assessment and case study data needed to differentiate instruction for addressing needs of targeted learner(s).
  • Teach literacy lessons (Learning Maps) reflecting the use of research-based effective instructional strategies, differentiated instruction, and strategies promoting optimal learning for the targeted learner(s).
  • Develop an explicit plan of instruction incorporating current levels of language /literacy performance, learning targets, ongoing assessments, and recommendations for modifications, adaptations, resources and activities for classroom and home use needed to support the K-8 learner's growth in becoming an independent reader/writer and language learner.