EDT632 Technology and Leadership

Course Description

Information technology issues, networking, and the convergence of media (telecommunications, voice, video, and data) will be contextualized through the lens of educational leadership. Future technology leaders will address current issues such as network security, digital ethics, budgets, and the total cost of ownership as it pertains to hardware and software.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explore leadership and organizational development theory and strategies in educational and instructional technology.
  • Review case studies of best practice in educational and instructional technology.
  • Define and describe the features and benefits of information networks as they pertain to instruction or to education assets.
  • Identify and define the components of a network, interoperability, convergence of media, issues relating to data management, and security.
  • Compare traditional computer lab designs with emergent/new technology configurations.
  • Conduct an interview with a CTO or Director of Technology.
  • Generate a spreadsheet that addresses Total Cost of Ownerships and amortization schedules for dealing with obsolete systems.
  • Generate a technology plan that supports a vision to implement new technology or to upgrade an existing technology system in the workplace.
  • Engage in discussions regarding emerging issues and trends in technology systems and infrastructure.