EDT610 Teaching Online

Lead Faculty: Dr. Cynthia Sistek-Chandler

Course Description

This comprehensive course covers principles and strategies for conducting online lessons in a variety of online teaching environments including hybrid courses, with a primary focus on how teaching strategies have evolved in order to fit the new medium of online learning. Students survey theories and applications of online learning and teaching. Special focus is given on the use of the Internet for implementing distance education systems for adult learners. The course covers hands-on tools such as web page design authoring tools and videoconferencing technology. Career paths in the arena of online teaching will also be investigated.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define online learning and develop a rationale for the educational uses of the Internet in K-16 and corporate education programs.
  • Discuss the hardware and software requirements which need to be met in order to effectively utilize online learning.
  • Recognize approaches to using online learning for educational goals.
  • Design web-based courses using web page design authoring tools.
  • Discuss the potential and effectiveness of distance learning.
  • Identify various forms of instructional delivery via telecommunication, such as correspondence, videoconferencing, and mailing list, Usenet, course delivery on-line, and hybrid courses.
  • Describe the critical issues involved in designing effective distance educational programs, including formation of instructional goals and objectives, media/technology selection, financial considerations, etc.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of an instructional module delivered through a completely digital form of distance education.