EDT605 Education Theory & Technology

Lead Faculty: Dr. Denise E. Tolbert

Course Description

This course provides a comprehensive view of curricular issues facing teachers and instructors as the role of technology stimulates change in teaching methodology within the classroom instructional setting. Topics focus on cognition and learning and using technology to support constructivist learning, building technology-supported learning communities, student-directed research projects, and using collaborative communication tools both among students and between students and their mentors.

Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate the relationship between cognition, learning theory, and technology.
  • Contrast the use of technology to support constructivist learning to the use of technology to support standards-based instruction.
  • Identify ways in which new learning technologies are supported by research.
  • Participate in online community-building activities.
  • Research and report the ways that technology can be used to support specific types of learners.