ECE462 Financial Mgmt & Resources

Lead Faculty: Dr. Susan B. Gilbert

Course Description

Focus on financial policies and management of resources in early education settings. Emphasis on accounting fundamentals of preparing, recording and monitoring funds.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand in written and orally the costs associated with running an Early Childhood program.
  • Develop an appropriate detailed annual operating budget with reconciliation of expenses to budget. Implement a system to review or adjust the budget if a circumstance change and includes a yearly audit.
  • Explain and demonstrate fiscal records such as revenue and expenditure statements, balance sheets, banking etc.
  • Develop a chart that incorporates a salary schedule based on your revenue and costs.
  • Identify additional financial resources to enhance your program, i.e. Grant writing, fund-raising, donations, government funding, state funding, and local funding.
  • List and explain the role of record keeping and identify commuter software focusing on financials that are available for Child care programs.
  • Develop written policies and procedures related to the financial matters of the program.