ECE435 Music, Movement, Drama, Dance

Lead Faculty: Dr. Susan B. Gilbert

Course Description

Focus on enriching and enhancing young children's learning through the creative arts. Emphasis on integrating creative experiences within core subjects to create developmentally appropriate experiences.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate, in writing and discussion, supportive historical background and developmental perspectives for the use of creative arts in the growth and development of young children.
  • Demonstrate, in writing and discussion, the effectiveness of music, movement, drama, and dance as teaching-learning strategies with young children.
  • Demonstrate, in writing and discussion, blending of subject matter in music, movement, drama and dance and integration into an age appropriate dynamic learning curriculum units for young children.
  • Compile a variety of music, movement, drama and dance resources for use in curriculum unit planning for young children.
  • Develop skills in improvisation of activities to accompany play activities.
  • Exhibit personal and social behavior while presenting culturally diverse performing arts; dance and music.
  • Implement the use of environmental materials to create musical instruments.
  • Demonstrate core standards for the performing arts as a means of fitness and health promotion.
  • Demonstrate undergraduate-level written communication.
  • Demonstrate undergraduate-level oral communication and presentation skills.
  • Demonstrate undergraduate application of analytical and critical thinking skills.
  • Demonstrate an awareness and understanding of potential legal and ethical issues in course content.