ECE420 Nature, Numbers and Technology

Lead Faculty: Mrs. Jessica Alvarado

Course Description

Focus on identification, design and delivery of developmentally age appropriate experiences that encourage active math, science and technology inquiry. Inquiry related to emerging notions of mathematical and scientific processes is basis for activities along with the inclusion of technology as a strategy.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the knowledge, skills, and dispositions of effective teachers of young children in science and mathematics.
  • Investigate the developmentally appropriate curriculum standards (NAEYC) and available and useful resources for teaching science and mathematics to all young children.
  • Explore several options provided with technology for use in teaching and, specifically to teaching science and mathematics to young children.
  • Develop a technology tool that supports the learning of science and mathematics with technology to be used to communicate to families of young children for a specific early childhood educational setting.
  • Design a lesson using developmentally appropriate curriculum standards (NAEYC) in both science and mathematics integrating technology.
  • Implement and assess the developmentally appropriate science and mathematics lesson integrating technology in a setting of a small group of young children. (A group of 4-6 is recommended.)