ECE216 Intro to Special Education

Lead Faculty: Dr. Lucinda K. Kramer

Course Description

An introduction to special education with an overview of suggestions to assist beginning early education teachers prepare to recognize and handle special needs of children and their families.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify developmental sequences for observing and formulating individualized program plans.
  • Identify interim actions and program suggestions on how to work effectively with special needs children in an early education setting
  • Demonstrate the development of an individual action plan
  • Identify children whose physical, social, emotional, speech and language, overall communication skills, and/or cognitive development are different from that of other children of their age.
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to the needs of diverse families with special education children.
  • Explain importance of developing effective communication strategies for involving families in understanding and supporting individual action plans.
  • Identify professional and ethical standards of practice for early education teachers.
  • Create a portfolio of evidence demonstrating the use of appropriate instructional techniques.