SPD674 Collaborative Partners

Lead Faculty: Dr. Lucinda K. Kramer

Course Description

Examination of interpersonal and interactive techniques required of the special education teacher when working with parents and families of young children and students with special needs and other professionals. This course addresses the sharing of knowledge and mutual efforts between professionals and parents to effectively serve youngsters with special needs. Problem solving, decision making, and collaborative strategies for working with parents, professionals, and agencies when implementing services are explored. Field work is required.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify, select and develop family resources at the local, state and national levels and examine for responsiveness to cultural and linguistic diversity.
  • Integrate and apply knowledge of partnership principles when working with families and other professionals.
  • Analyze and synthesize results of an in-depth Parent Interview including impact of cultural linguistic diversity, self-assessment of personal strengths and challenges. (Field Exp)
  • Analyze and synthesize how federal and state mandates impact their ECSE or Autism or M/S program.
  • Examine and describe the range ECSE or Autism or M/S service delivery models and the family's role in each program.
  • Analyze, synthesize and write a review of a first person account book about a child with a disability and the impact on the family. Apply the CEC Standards to the text and self reflect on how the text will impact your work with families.