SPD664 Clear Capstone

Lead Faculty: Dr. Penelope Keough

Course Description

Final course in the Clear Education Specialist Induction Program for M/M, M/S or DHH. Participating teachers will upload summative evidence in e-portfolio demonstrating mastery of each CTSP including documentation of IIP completion and reflection for each Competency Objective. Must be taken as the last course in the program.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate effective assessment and instructional approaches using the Plan/Teach/Reflect cycle for target student with disabilities.
  • Reflect on documented evidence gathered during the Clear Education Specialist program demonstrating advanced skills and knowledge in teaching.
  • Demonstrate skills in case management, collaboration, and communication with teaching assistants, other professionals and families.
  • Create a professional growth and development plan for the next five years based on advanced knowledge and skills required for continuing professional growth and development.