SPD644 Life Skills & Transitions M/S

Lead Faculty: Havaughnia White

Course Description

Life Skills and Transitions for Learners with Moderate/Severe disabilities. This course is advanced methodology designed to ensure that candidates will be able to meet curriculum needs of their students with moderate/severe disabilities in the areas of teaching life skills, self-advocacy, and transition to post secondary school needs. Issues regarding parent involvement, IEPs and ITPs, Community Living, recreation and leisure are included.

Learning Outcomes

  • Integrate and apply knowledge of typical and atypical development and characteristics of students with disabilities including those specific to Moderate/Severe Disabilities. (EDSP 3 andamp; 11, MS1)
  • Integrate and apply the skills needed to transition students between educational environments and programs as well as into successful post school experiences (EDSP 7 & 8; M/S 7)
  • Integrate and apply the knowledge and ability to support the movement mobility, sensory and specialized health care needs required for students to access classrooms, schools and the community to the fullest extent of their ability. (M/S 5)