SPD632 Charac/Instr Stds w/ M/M Disab

Course Description

This course provides candidates with knowledge in identifying students with mild/moderate disabilities and their needs for service delivery, placement, IEP development and instruction. Positive behavior support, learning strategies, study skills, instructional and behavioral support partnerships with parents and establishing positive environments are also covered. Candidates will recognize how mild/moderate disabilities affect students in their ability to learn the California core curriculum.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe atypical development and characteristics of children and youths with mild/moderate disabilities and special needs in all categories covered by Federal Law in the Mild/Moderate disabilities;
  • Integrate and apply knowledge of how the characteristics of mild/moderate learners affects learning the core curriculum;
  • Coordinate and collaborate the comprehensive instructional program for students with mild/moderate disabilities using the core curriculum standards;
  • Develop, implement and evaluate units of instruction from the elementary level based on IEP Goals that use evidence based curriculum and instruction;
  • Develop, implement, and evaluate instruction from the secondary level based on IEP goals that use evidence based curriculum and instruction;
  • Implement evidence based technology, when appropriate, in order for students with mild/moderate disabilities to access the core curriculum;
  • Select general education core curriculum lessons to modify/adapt for students with mild/moderate disabilities to successfully access general education curriculum in the area of reading, writing and math.