SPD624 Transition/Community Resources

Lead Faculty: Dr. Kay Dee Caywood

Course Description

An overview of transition across all age groups and disability categories. Includes dealing with families, involving students, developing transition curriculum, collaborating with stakeholders for transition planning, working with community agencies and developing strategies for success at all transition stages. Career education, preparation for employment and strategies for adult adjustment are emphasized.

Learning Outcomes

  • Integrate and apply skills needed to plan, implement, and evaluate transitional life experiences for students, including ability to meet individual needs, to provide skills to candidates, to utilize collaboration skills and to teach self advocacy (expression skills).
  • Integrate and apply working knowledge of transitions and transitional stages for all life experiences.
  • Collaborate with educational and community agencies and all stakeholders.
  • Teach students their rights as well as self-advocacy and expression skills.
  • Integrate and apply ability to participate effectively and follow the law in the IFSP/ISP/transition planning process from pre-referral interventions, through assessment, planning instruction, developing IFSP/IEP/transition, planning goals, based on state content standards.
  • Identify the secondary school administrative and curricular structures and strategies for secondary level inclusive education.
  • Describe appropriate job placement, post-secondary educational opportunities and vocational training opportunities for students with disabilities.