SPD428 Reading and Language Arts M/M

Course Description

The course provides research- based instruction to teach reading/language arts to students with disabilities. Candidates demonstrate their ability to deliver a program of systematic instruction in reading, writing, listening, and speaking aligned to the adopted curriculum. They administer a variety of reading/writing assessments to diagnose students' reading/language arts abilities. (NV TL: B, VIII, X)

Learning Outcomes

  • Use evidence-based, multi-faceted methodologies and/or strategies in order to demonstrate proficiency in teaching and engaging students with disabilities who are English Language Learners and or ASL/English Language Learners.
  • Assess students in a comprehensive manner within the breadth of the credential authorization.
  • Use multiple sources of information to participate in progress monitoring and decision making regarding eligibility and standards.
  • Apply skill in assessing students from diverse backgrounds with varying language, communication, and cognitive abilities.
  • Use informal assessments for the purpose of making accommodations, modifications, and providing instruction and program improvement.
  • Deliver systematic instruction in reading, writing, listening, and speaking, aligned to State English Language Arts standards and reading/language arts frameworks to students with disabilities and others with special needs, including those who have varied reading levels and language backgrounds.
  • Integrate experiences in a classroom where reading and writing are taught.
  • Apply knowledge of English language development in planning lessons for students who are English learners and have disabilities.