SPD414 Classroom & Behavior Mgt

Course Description

This course examines the principles of classroom management and student assessment. Best practices for classroom management, positive behavior support and the use of informal and formal assessments to plan for instruction are explored. (NV TL: B VII)

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply knowledge and skills needed to assess students in a comprehensive manner within breadth of credential authorization.
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of assessment law and be able to apply that knowledge in selecting appropriate assessment materials for students from diverse backgrounds with varying language, communication, and cognitive skills.
  • Use multiple sources of information in participating in progress monitoring and decision making regarding eligibility and standards.
  • Use informal assessments for the purpose of making accommodations, modifications, and providing instruction and program improvement.
  • Use evidence based, multifacted methodologies and/or strategies in order to demonstrate proficiency in teaching and engaging students with disabilities who are English Language Learners and/or ASL/English Language Learners.
  • Implement systems that assess, plan and provide academic and social skill instruction to support positive behavior in all students including students with social-communication, behavioral and environmental needs.