EXC657 Comm. Resources & Transition

Course Description

A comprehensive course designed to equip educators with the ability to plan and implement successful transitional life experiences for students with disabilities. Emphasis on collaboration with other educational and community agencies involved in the transition process.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain past and current trends in transition and identify societal factors that influence outcomes for youth and adults with disabilities.
  • Define self-determination and explain and practice strategies that will enhance self-determination for youth and adults with disabilities.
  • Describe the role of the family in the transition process and identify family expectations and the potential influence of those expectations.
  • Identify significant components in a community based transition plan.
  • Describe person-centered transition planning and the steps needed to individualize the student's transition plan.
  • Describe the secondary school administrative and curricular structures and strategies for secondary level inclusive education.
  • Describe appropriate instructional objectives, curriculum, strategies, lesson plans and resources for teaching transition related content in elementary, middle and high school classes.
  • Design appropriate job placement and vocational training opportunities for students with disabilities.
  • Describe post-secondary educational opportunities and independent living options for adults with disabilities.
  • Identify appropriate transition strategies for students with different types of disabilities and severity levels of those disabilities.