EXC655B Exit Seminar

Lead Faculty: Dr. Lucinda K. Kramer

Course Description

The last course in the Level II Credential program. Presentation of the electronic portfolio to the University Supervisor and District Support Provider and submission of the culminating activity project, initiated in EXC655A, are included. Grading is S or U only.

Learning Outcomes

  • Display a Candidate Induction Plan, jointly developed by the student, the District Support Provider and the University Supervisor.
  • Demonstrate competence with the use of an electronic portfolio.
  • Articulate and initiate plans for approved non-university professional development activities.
  • Demonstrate completion of an individualized action research project.
  • Demonstrate skills in consultation and co-teaching.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of district special education procedures and policies.
  • Demonstrate completion of a reflective log of activities.