CED616 School Counseling Intern. I

Lead Faculty: Dr. Sonia Rodriguez

Course Description

Students are placed in a school settings ranging from elementary to high school and expected to perform a variety of counseling related activities for a minimum of 600 hours of supervised practice to be scheduled over a period of at least two months. Students must maintain a grade of satisfactory throughout the internship series. Grading is S or U only.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a written internship plan.
  • Develop a knowledge of social concerns (including but not limited to poverty, pregnancy, rape, child abuse, substance abuse, gangs, and suicide) and cultural diversity issues.
  • Apply knowledge of the development and management of School Counseling Programs designed to meet the needs of school youth.
  • Apply an understanding of the basic theories of individual counseling.
  • Apply basic theories of group counseling and various other group techniques practiced by school counselors.
  • Apply consultation, crisis intervention, and conflict resolution skills.
  • Apply knowledge of career education programs including theories, major concepts, and resource materials.
  • Demonstrate proficiency with individual and group assessment instruments and their applications in the school setting.
  • Demonstrate proficient knowledge of legal, ethical, and professional issues as they affect the practice of counseling.
  • Demonstrate proficiency with the use of computers and technology in the counseling duties.
  • Reflect dispositions of a Professional School Counselor.