PED676 Applied Behavior Analysis

Course Description

Applied Behavior Analysis is a scientific based method of understanding human behavior and using that understanding to change socially significant behaviors. This course provides an overview of the major components - philosophical as well as applied - of Applied Behavior Analysis, including assessment and intervention design.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define characteristics of behaviorism and of applied behavior analysis per Baer, Wolf & Risley, 1968.
  • Understand behavioral principles and procedures for increasing behavior.
  • Understand principles and procedures for reducing behavior.
  • Understand behavioral principles and procedures for promoting the generation, generalization, and maintenance of behavior.
  • Understand the methods involved in conducting functional assessments and functional analyses.
  • Design and carry out a single-subject research design procedure.
  • Understand the various philosophies of behaviorism and the role of private events in each.
  • Understand the functionalist (vs. structuralist) approach to behavior change within an 'outcomes based' context.
  • Understand the current status and future directions of school-based behavioral interventions.