EDA674N Instructional Leadership

Course Description

Theoretical and practical exploration of curriculum, instruction and accountability. The course will explore issues that have the potential to influence the planning,implementation and evaluation of curriculum and learning. Nevada, only.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a culture in which high expectations are the norm for each student as evident in rigorous academic work.
  • Examine strategies necessary to foster equity, fairness, and respect among all members of the school community.
  • Design a variety of appropriate content-based learning materials and learning strategies that recognize students as active learners, value reflection and inquiry, emphasize the quality versus the amount of student application and performance, and utilize appropriate and effective technology.
  • Create plans that establish long-term professional development of all staff consistent with the ongoing effort to improve the learning of all students relative to the content standards.
  • Examine the strategies necessary for all members of the school community to develop and use skills in collaboration, distributed leadership, and shared responsibility.
  • Create an accountability system grounded in standards-based teaching and learning through the analysis of relevant data.
  • Evaluate student learning using multiple assessments in an ongoing process focused on improving the academic performance of each student.