EDA671N School Law and Policy

Course Description

Introductory course in educational law and ethics. Examination of education law, codes, case law, and regulations and their school level applications. Focus on areas of school law likely to be used by beginning school administrators. Nevada, only.

Learning Outcomes

  • Propose collaboration with the governing board and district and local leaders to influence policies that benefit students and support the improvement of teaching and learning.
  • Analyze public policies that ensure the equitable distribution of resources and support for all subgroups of students.
  • Evaluate school operations to ensure that they are consistently within the parameters of federal, state, and local laws, policies, regulations, and statutory requirements.
  • Generate support for the school by two-way communication with key decision-makers in the school community.
  • Create accurate records of school performance.
  • Analyze the effects of leadership has in a team setting.
  • Create a school environment that facilitate constructive conversations about how to improve student learning and achievement.