EDA657 Org/Systems Leadership

Course Description

This course provides candidates an introduction to public school budget and finance practices, emphasizing site level finance. This course provides an exploration of federal, state and local laws, policies, and regulations regarding revenue sources, district and school budgeting, and financial management procedures. Candidates will be provided an introduction to public school budgeting and accounting procedures as well as investigate current issues in public school finance. Candidates will understand organizational and systems leadership as well as techniques and skills to address conflict-management, problem-solving, and dealing with unintended consequences of decisions. Candidates will learn the importance of using the school vision/mission and annual goals, based on student performance and other school-wide data, for setting budget priorities so resources allocated in appropriate and focused areas of the school need. Candidates will learn to understand the importance of school administrators practicing ethical behaviors related to decisions they make.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze research based strategies and best practices for establishing, monitoring, and evaluating organizational structures, processes, and systems that promote a culture of collaboration and respect maintaining a focus on continuous improvement and enhanced achievement for all student groups.
  • Create strategies for problem solving, conflict management, and responding effectively to the unpredictable circumstances or unintended consequences of administrative decisions or actions.
  • Analyze types of financial records, business procedures and laws for accurate record keeping and reporting, and use of current technologies for developing a school budget.
  • Examine Federal, State, and local laws, regulations, and processes related to school financial matters and labor relations/collective bargaining as well as contract implementation and management within the school setting.