EDA655 School Improvement Leadership

Course Description

School Improvement Leadership Identification and analysis of human, fiscal and material resources available and how these resources might be aligned to improve student achievement. Development of a collaborative, data-based school plan that addresses the needs of all learners. Analysis of an instructional leader's role in using strategies that address culturally responsive teaching, social and mental health needs and improved student learning for all students, including English learners and students with special needs.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze theories and strategies for instituting, managing, and evaluating a school change process.
  • Identify student and school needs using a collaborative communication process that involves multiple constituencies based upon data designed to achieve the school's vision.
  • Examine culturally responsive, research-based, student centered classroom management and school-wide positive discipline intervention and prevention strategies that address the social and mental health needs of the child with the goal of keeping all students in school and on course toward graduation and college/career ready.
  • Evaluate strategies for building staff capacity to bring about school improvement through implementing systems of support and development, integrating opportunities for continuous learning into the educational environment, and engaging faculty and staff in ongoing reflection and self-assessment relative to student outcomes.
  • Evaluate strategies for building community capacity to bring about school improvement through involving the community in school improvement activities and engaging with the community in ongoing reflection relative to student outcomes.
  • Describe the process of effectively organizing one's time and technology use to manage the school improvement process.
  • Formulate how to coordinate the identification, acquisition, development and use of internal and external resources, including human, fiscal, and material resources to provide support for implementing the school growth plan.
  • Analyze strategies for continuous progress monitoring of the school's growth plan and outcomes, and for using those data for updating the school growth plan as needed.