EDA654 Instructional Leadership

Course Description

This course provides a theoretical and practical framework for effective instructional leadership in the area of supervision and evaluation of instruction. It will examine the role of the instructional leader in the context of stewardship of all resources to promote effective instructional leadership practices. Methodologies are presented for engaging in the practice of supervision of instruction, pedagogical assessment, program quality, and standards-based instruction. The instructional leader will be encouraged to emphasize maintaining and increasing teaching effectiveness through providing research based and relevant professional development opportunities.

Learning Outcomes

  • Construct a system to advocate, nurture, and sustain a positive culture of learning that emphasizes high expectations and an instructional program that promotes success for all student groups, including those with mental health conditions that support or hinder student achievement.
  • Analyze California's K-12 student academic content standards and state- adopted assessment systems for measuring student performance using standards-based curricula, adopted/articulated instructional programs, and applications of technology within the educational program for all teachers and students.
  • Examine research based teacher observation and evaluation systems grounded in standards-based teaching and learning that incorporate data-based instructional and programmatic decisions.
  • Design an effective process that applies research based and data driven methods/approaches providing constructive feedback to teachers based on classroom observations and analysis of student work and/or assessments.
  • Explore principles of adult learning and their use in designing, facilitating, and implementing effective, motivating, and data-driven professional development programs that focus on authentic problems and student outcomes
  • Examine behavioral norms for teachers that promote effective uses of staff time for purposes of professional development for both individual and school purposes and goals.