CED611 Group Counseling

Lead Faculty: Dr. Sonia Rodriguez

Course Description

Candidates will identify, compare and apply basic knowledge of the roles, functions and dynamics among group leaders and group participants. The course covers group process theory and the research pertaining to group processes. Students participate in and analyze the interaction within a group. Practicum experience is required.

Learning Outcomes

  • Generate effective group facilitation skills with an appropriate repertoire of group counseling theories, techniques and methods, addressing cultural differences to meet the needs of students in diverse school settings.
  • Analyze the norms within culturally diverse groups and sensitivity to the needs and feelings of different groups (including but not limited to, races, cultures, life styles, sexes, orientations and physical abilities) and apply this understanding to the design and implementation of developmentally sound group counseling.
  • Develop an appropriate counseling group evaluation within diverse school settings.
  • Cultivate group counseling as a proactive system within the school, as part of a comprehensive counseling and guidance program that is student and growth-centered, providing students an opportunity to learn from each other and how to address and confront common group problems issues with positive solutions.