CED607 School Counseling Orientation

Lead Faculty: Dr. Harvey Hoyo

Course Description

An exploration of the field of school counseling and its suitability as a personal career choice. Emphasis is on an understanding of the multiple roles of school counselors including counseling, cross cultural counseling, coordination, collaboration, crisis intervention, conflict resolution, and advocacy. Field experiences, using interviews and observations will give candidates insight into their future vocation. Emphasis is placed on oral, written communication, and observational skills. Practicum experience is required. Grading is S or U only.

Learning Outcomes

  • Summarize the PPS Credentialing process and the structure requirements of the Masters in Educational Counseling at National University.
  • Compare appropriate observational skills through interviews, observations, and shadowing.
  • Analyze the variety of student support programs that work together at the school site.
  • Appraise the history and foundation, and current standards of the school counseling profession.
  • Argue the merit of school counseling professional associations and their role in advocacy.
  • Demonstrate graduate level skills in communication both verbally and in writing.
  • Appraise the ACA & ASCA ethical standards.