CED606 Development and Evaluation

Lead Faculty: Dr. Sonia Rodriguez

Course Description

This course will focus on the designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating of a contemporary school counseling program in accordance with the National Standards. Foundations of school counseling programs are covered, as are results based guidance. Finally, students will learn the leadership skills necessary to implement the program and counseling services to meet the needs of the community they are servicing. Practicum experience is required.

Learning Outcomes

  • Justify the effectiveness of using data-based-decisions in developing, implementing, managing, and evaluating a comprehensive guidance program based on the ASCA National Model.
  • Analyze and present data to share program outcomes and student achievement using technology.
  • Compare the activities of a practicing professional school counselor to the recommendations of ASCA with recommendation for data based change towards a comprehensive guidance program.
  • Synthesize empirical evidence to support a comprehensive guidance and counseling program and student learning.
  • Evaluate a site-based guidance and counseling program that serves a diverse student population measuring the effectiveness of the program and the impact on student learning.