CED603 Multicultural Counseling

Lead Faculty: Dr. Harvey Hoyo

Course Description

Emphasis is on the building on skills developed in the individual and group counseling course including culture conflict, personal identity, managing gender and racial issues as well as lifestyle concerns; cooping vs. personal empowerment; effective intervention models when working with ethnic and linguistic minorities including building effective parent involvement programs. Principles of effective cross-cultural counseling including applicable theories, goals, skills and techniques will be reviewed. Case examples, current regulations, and issues in counseling culturally diverse students are explored. Practicum experience is required.

Learning Outcomes

  • Articulate their own world view based on their personal culture.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge necessary to work in multicultural school settings: a) Possess the abilities to work with a diverse group of people on various levels, such as pupils, parents, teachers, administrators, and other staff members, in support of achieving educational success across cultures b) Use a variety of methods to work with different cultural groups c) Ability to address the needs and concerns of multicultural audiences d) Ability to resolve the needs and concerns of the multicultural audiences
  • Develop self-awareness and an ability to discuss sensitive issues related to race ethnicity, gender, and lifestyle issues.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skill in multicultural counseling, communication and cultural context of relationships.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills to advocate for cultural differences.
  • Evaluate school systems support programs promoting academic achievement of diverse student populations.
  • Show expertise on a group diverse from ones self detailing cultural norms and effective counseling techniques with this population.