ABA603 Applications of ABA

Lead Faculty: Dr. William Matthew

Course Description

Continuation of ABA 602, and covers the complex aspects of behavior change strategies that are built upon the fundamental behavioral principles. Detailed examples of behavior change strategies from the basic and applied research literature are covered. Major topics covered include verbal behavior, generalization and maintenance, contingency contracting, and self-management. Students are required to purchase a one year subscription to the CBA Learning Module Series from Behavior Development Solutions (BDS). See Program Description for more details.

Learning Outcomes

  • Examine the basic behavioral principles and procedures for using differential reinforcement and extinction, echoics, mands, tacts, and intraverbals in changing verbal behavior.
  • Analyze contingency contracting and self-management, functional assessments and functional analyses, and those promoting the generalization and maintenance of behavior.
  • Examine the major ethical concepts regarding behavioral analysis.
  • Analyze/Evaluate basic deceleration, acceleration, and stimulus control behavior change methods.