ABA602 Processes of ABA

Lead Faculty: Dr. William Matthew

Course Description

Focuses on the fundamental aspects of behavior change strategies and tactics, such as stimulus control and the nature of reinforcing and aversive stimuli and their properties, and how these properties influence behavior change processes. Basic and applied empirical research demonstrating these strategies are covered. Students are required to purchase a one year subscription to the CBA Learning Module Series from Behavior Development Solutions (BDS). See Program Description for more details.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze the basic behavioral principles and procedures used for increasing behavior using positive and negative reinforcement strategies andamp; tactics.
  • Assess the basic behavioral principles and procedures for reducing behavior.
  • Compare and contrast basic behavioral principals and procedures used for teaching new behavior.
  • Integrate basic behavioral principles and procedures for changing behavior into antecedent control strategies and tactics.
  • Analyze the major BACB Fourth Edition Task List concepts.