ABA601 Assessment in ABA

Lead Faculty: Dr. William Matthew

Course Description

Introduction to the philosophy of behaviorism and the basic tenets of applied behavior analysis. Focuses on behavioral assessment and observation, and time series research design and its use in the scientific evaluation of behavior-environment relations. Students are required to purchase a one year subscription to the CBA Learning Module Series from Behavior Development Solutions (BDS). See Program Description for more details.

Learning Outcomes

  • Compare and contrast the various single subject designs with respect to the types of research questions for which they are appropriate and their control of extraneous variables.
  • Evaluate the various components of a single-subject research design.
  • Compare and contrast the basic conceptual tenets of Skinnerian behaviorism with non-behavioral approaches
  • Analyze functional behaviors in the same response class such that they are amenable to systematic behavioral observation.
  • Synthesize times series graphs constructed by the student using computer software (e.g., Excel).