MKT445 e-Marketing

Lead Faculty: Dr. Kamlesh Mehta

Course Description

An introduction to the interactive methods of marketing using a digital platform including social media, web-based and advanced global marketing techniques.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss the impact of the Internet on direct marketing.
  • Identify with the key elements of an effective direct mail campaign for a segmented population.
  • Describe the role of telemarketing in direct marketing.
  • Design and implement a direct marketing campaign.
  • Identify the current legal and ethical standards related to the practice of direct marketing domestically and globally.
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of major marketing concepts in writing and orally using proper business communications techniques.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use on-line resources to research and prepare written and oral assignments.
  • Explain how electronic marketing affects the elements of the marketing mix, i.e. product, place, price and promotion.
  • Discover how businesses create and use customer relationships to determine value through electronic marketing.