MGT680 Topics in International Business

Lead Faculty: Dr. Juan Espana

Course Description

This is a graduate seminar covering new trends and areas of interest in international business with a focus on regional business environments. Examples of topics treated in the course are: doing business in emerging markets; economic integration in Europe and Latin America; emergence of new global firms and industries; offshoring; outsourcing; etc.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze international business topics and international businesses using a taxonomy of economic, geographic/physical, political, cultural, legal and functional factors.
  • Evaluate and rank the attractiveness of foreign environments for start-up or expansion of cross-border business operations taking into account criteria such as country risk, credit risk, etc.
  • Develop in-depth expertise regarding the business environment of specific foreign countries or regions.
  • Apply concepts, principles and techniques learned in different functional areas to the in-depth analysis of specific international business issues.
  • Assess the impact of major developments such as the creation of the EU, NAFTA, Mercosur; the emergence of China; offshoring; multilateral trade and finance negotiations; etc. on national economies and the corporate strategy of multinational companies.