MGT422 Team Bldg, Interpers Dynamics

Lead Faculty: Dr. Kamlesh Mehta

Course Description

An overview of the issues of quality applied to human resources management, topics include the delegation of authority and empowerment, work groups, team building, and employee involvement, reward/recognition programs and employee morale, and the importance of written and oral communication skill in the delegation, sharing, and execution of work. Students gain a clearer understanding of the ways the workplace is changing to improve productivity and profitability.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply the principles of group dynamics to forming teams/groups for specific tasks.
  • Explain the fundamental principles of interpersonal communications.
  • Assess the communication climate in an organization.
  • Analyze the effect of physical setting and organizational culture of interpersonal and team/group communication.
  • Assess the changing nature of workforces and what these changes mean to organizations.
  • Evaluate the effect of changing technology on organizations and their workforce.
  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of motivational theories as they apply to organizational behavior.
  • Apply the principles of individual and team leadership/facilitating skills for improved employee motivation and work behavior.
  • Apply the principles of empowerment to individuals and teams.