BIM400 Info Mgmt in Organizations

Lead Faculty: Dr. Farnaz Sharifrazi

Course Description

Overview of Information Systems (IS) infrastructure and its utilization in today's global business environment. The use of technological tools and the role of information systems will be discussed from the organizational strategic, tactical and operational view. Students learn how to choose and utilize information and knowledge to gain competitive advantage in the industry.

Learning Outcomes

  • Align IS strategies with business strategies.
  • Identify and discuss information system and business needs.
  • Create a foundation for organizational information systems infrastructure that can provide competitive advantage.
  • Articulate how business information systems process data into information through the use of tools such as; database, network, and applications.
  • Compare and contrast the knowledge of various business and technology components; systems development, project management, and decision support systems.
  • Analyze different methods to mobilize organization's "tacit" knowledge within a global enterprise.
  • Apply the ethical, legal, and managerial issues in Information Systems management to specific situations.