BAN660 Business Analytics Capstone

Course Description

A two month course that must be taken at the end of this program. Students are expected to identify a problem and a develop solution using analytical methods. This project is two parts; document and presentation. Students are required to utilize data and apply the appropriate analytical model. At the end of the course a grade of in process 'IP' can be posted then the maximum length of time is 10 additional months to complete the Capstone project. Grading will be; H, S, and U only.

Learning Outcomes

  • Outline a relevant problem related to the theory or practice of business
  • Appraise a business problem and provide thorough solution from literature review.
  • Formulate a data-driven solution to a business related problem.
  • Produce a data driven solution using analysis of business data.
  • Present a professional quality oral presentation describing an analytic solution relevant to a business problem.