FIN671 Credit Management

Lead Faculty: Dr. Gurdeep Kumar Chawla

Course Description

This course is an analysis of credit policy leading to the development of strategic and higher level technical skills appropriate for credit managers. The course will also analyze specific topics like the role of credit in the economy, credit management functions, retail credit, types of consumer credit, regulation of consumer credit, the consumer credit investigation, decision making in credit operation, responsibilities of the credit manager, international trade credit and collection policies and practices.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze the risks associated with the company's credit policy.
  • Formulate the goals of credit manager.
  • Compare and contrast the reasons a business would offer credit purchase options.
  • Design credit policy based on the need of a firm.
  • Evaluate the credit management process in a firm.
  • Compare and contrast the retail credit and cash credit.
  • Appraise the potential costs problems arising from retail credit program.
  • Evaluate alternatives for financing retail and service credit transactions when retailers do not offer internal credit purchase options.
  • Formulate control measure in credit management activities.
  • Compare and contrast the investigation and verification.
  • Analyze the effect of the Fair Credit Reporting Act on credit bureau, credit grantors and consumers.
  • Evaluate factors that affect the decision in credit operation.
  • Evaluate factors that affect the decision in credit operation.