FIN631 Security Analysis & Portfolio

Lead Faculty: Dr. Gurdeep Kumar Chawla

Course Description

This course is an analysis leading to the appraisal and pricing of securities. It discusses the income generating ability of securities, forecasts of trends in the stock and bond markets, fundamental and technical analysis, application of Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), analysis of active and passive investment strategies, and measurement of portfolio performance.

Learning Outcomes

  • Compare and contrast advantages and disadvantages to investors from various investment securities in their portfolios.
  • Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of investing in global security markets.
  • Evaluate of participants in global security markets maintaining ethical standards.
  • Use valuation models to estimate the value of stocks, bonds, and derivative instruments.
  • Analyze individual companies as to their financial condition, growth prospects, and relative valuation.
  • Construct a portfolio that meets an investor's risk and return objectives and satisfies investment constraints.