ECO430 Economics and Philosophy

Lead Faculty: Dr. Wali I. Mondal

Course Description

Students will learn about the relationship between philosophy and economics. They will study the philosophic foundations of market process economics, as well as other economic ideas. They will learn about the link between ethics and economics, as well as about the important role businesses play in the economy. Students will study topics such as why businessmen should be honest, the nature of antitrust laws, the virtue of integrity, the nature of government and rights, among others.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain why businessmen should be honest and moral.
  • Integrate various philosophic and economic ideas.
  • Compare various philosophic ideas with each other and relate them to economics.
  • Apply philosophic ideas to better understand existing economic systems.
  • Analyze current events using philosophic and economic ideas.
  • Explain the role of property rights in an economy.