MUL375 3-D Modeling for Game Art

Lead Faculty: Mr. Scott Campbell

Course Description

Hands-on application of 3-D graphics in still sequential and non-sequential media. Produce basic 3-D elements and apply aesthetic and usability criteria to their projects in digital, animated sequence, video and print media applications. Students compare technological constraints of 3-D applications, appropriate uses of sequential and non-sequential 3-D elements to maximize impact of message delivery, and the management of digital assets for optimal delivery of media.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify technological constraints of 3D graphics, both still and motion.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in conceptual development of advanced 3D elements, from pre-production through final delivery.
  • Apply aesthetic and message design criteria to the use of 3D elements in digital media.
  • Create complex models, produce advanced 3D elements, position objects, cameras, and lights, for still and animated projects.