CJA441 Organized andamp; White Collar Crime

Lead Faculty: Dr. James E. Guffey

Course Description

This course will expose the students to elite and corporate deviance, the incidence and prevalence of white collar and organized crimes. The course explores the theoretical foundations of all types of occupational crimes, with a comparative, analytical global look at these crimes. It also exposes the students to the forms and causes of these crimes, the legal and law enforcement and societal responses to such crimes.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define the characteristics, activities, law enforcement and legal strategies of white collar and organized crime.
  • Analyze the types of organized and white-collar crimes both locally and globally.
  • Assess the economic and societal impact of both organized and white-collar crimes.
  • Evaluate current investigative and legal methods for prevention of such crimes.
  • Understand the elements motives of the various white collar and organized crimes.