SCR680 Screenwriting I

Course Description

An introductory screenwriting workshop that provides a foundational study of the theory and practice of writing for feature film. The course is designed to enable students to complete an outline for a full-length feature screenplay and a first draft of a feature script based on their own original ideas. Through this course, students will sharpen critical and analytical skills, develop a critical vocabulary to talk and write perceptively, articulately, and precisely about professional and student-generated screenplays, and to articulate their own aesthetic tastes and artistic goals. As a result of taking this course, students should understand the need to take risks in order to explore and develop one's creative potential to discover and develop original work from one's personal vision.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the underlying principles for writing a screenplay, including the three-act structure, creating dramatic or comedic conflict, developing dynamic characters, and telling a story visually.
  • Develop an idea into a logline.
  • Work in collaboration with peers to analyze and improve the outline
  • Create an outline for a screenplay in master scenes which includes: a. Act I, the beginning b. Act II, the middle c. Act III, the end