JRN610 Backpack Digital Audio & Video

Lead Faculty: Dr. Sara Ellen L. Amster

Course Description

Provides a thorough knowledge of video use in journalistic communication without a TV station's truck, studio or edit bay. It teaches students to work as video journalists and communicate video news stories using a small digital camera and a laptop computer.

Learning Outcomes

  • Create a person blog showcasing the news stories they have shot and edited.
  • Upload their news stories to their blog.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the proper use of a digital camcorder, tripod, batteries, and video storage media.
  • Demonstrate proper elements of video composition.
  • Explain types of shots in videography and when each is used.
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of field audio recording and microphone usage.
  • Explain video news story formats (PKG., VO-SOT, VO-NAT) and when each is used.
  • Edit news packages on a non-linear video editor.
  • Explain and demonstrate an understanding of the elements of news packages including: a. Anchor lead-ins b. Walk-ups c. Sound bites d. Bridges e. B-Roll f. Stand-ups g. Natural Sound (NAT-SOT)
  • Write a news story using two-column layout and broadcast writing style.