English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

This intensive and rigorous program is designed for international high school graduates, university students, or professionals who plan to attend National University, a university in an English-speaking country, or other college or university in the United States and/or want to improve their academic English skills for professional career enhancement or advancement.  Academic English levels consist of eight (8) core courses increasing in difficulty and complexity from academic English language and academic skill development to advanced academic English proficiency and advanced academic performance expectations.  Students can complete the university’s language proficiency requirement by successfully completing the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program.

  • Fulfills only the National University proficiency requirement upon successful completion of the program
  • Available for individuals (integrated into existing program)
  • Available for cohorts (integrated into current program or customizable, independent program)

Placement in EAP is determined by the ELP Placement Exam scores or original scores from other placement tests recognized by National University

Cost:    EAP1100 through EAP1600 = $750 per term
EAP1700 and EAP1800 = $1215 per term
Hours: 90 hours per month/course


  • EAP1100X Academic English: Foundation I
  • EAP1200X Academic English: Foundation II
  • EAP1300X Academic English: Skill Development I
  • EAP1400X Academic English: Skill Development II
  • EAP1500X Academic English: Performance Development I
  • EAP1600X Academic English: Performance Development II
  • EAP1700X Academic English: Advanced Performance I
  • EAP1800X Academic English: Advanced Performance II

Please contact isa@nu.edu for more details.