PLX 1005X Computers & the Law

Course Description

Teaches computer technology as a tool to assist the legal professional in the practice of law. Utilizes lecture, group discussion, and hands-on computer use. Using the latest software for time and billing, case management, docketing control, and litigation support, students complete legal projects with assignments in the computer lab. Students learn how to effectively evaluate vendor products, and design and manage a litigation database project. Also covered are telecommunications and computer-assisted research, and ethical considerations, such as software piracy, misuse of software and databases, security, and protecting client data.

Learning Outcomes

  • Navigate computer software commonly used in different law office environments.
  • Maintain information used in litigation and legal transactional matters.
  • Demonstrate their ability to combine text and graphic images for use in graphics presentation software during trial, and in other legal contexts.
  • Track their time using standard legal time-keeping software.
  • Track law firm income and expenses, and prepare basic financial documents commonly used in a law office.
  • Identify ethical concerns regarding the use of computer technology, including software piracy, misuse of software and databases, security breaches, and protecting the confidentiality of client data.

Paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public, except as permitted by law.